3C Step List

This session, we are preparing to include brand new dances for all of the students who have already taken 3A and 3B and for the students who are moving from Level 2 to the next level. These dances offer a broad range of music styles and culture. Steps will be added progressively, to provide students with a reference tool as they are added.


  • Basic
  • Back breaks
  • Under Arm Turn
  • Left Turn (w/ optional Ladies' Under Arm Turn)
  • Open Break
  • Inside/Outside Counter Turns
  • Sweetheart Breaks
  • Inside Turn/Back to Back/

West Coast Swing

  • Basic/Sugar Push
  • Left & Right Side Passes
  • Whips and Whip Variations
  • Around the Outhouse
  • 1/2 Whip & 1/2 Whip w/ Swivels
  • Ladies' Lead-Steal w/ Push Steps

Viennese Waltz

  • Basic Balances
  • Left & Right Turns
  • Left Turn, Open Break, Pinwheel, Side Breaks
  • Flair
  • Fallaway


  • Basic
  • Under Arm Turn to Basket, and to Hammerlock;
  • Pinwheel
  • Man's Fake to behind the back Pinwheel
  • Right & Left Turns