Beginning and Intermediate Night Club Two-Step


  1. Basic
  2. Under Arm Turn
  3. Right Turn
  4. Running Step
  5. Around the World
  6. Left Turn
  7. Right Turn with Ladies' Outside Spin
  8. Left Turn with Ladies Inside Spin
  9. Combination: Left Turn with Ladies I
  10. Inside Spin to Basket to Ladies' Hammerlock to Men's Chase Turn; Running Step for both
  11. Ladies' Hammerlock, Walkaround w/ Wrist Catch, Turn Around
  12. Ladies' Botofogos (w/ double Under Arm Turn out & Peekaboo ending)
  13. Sweetheart
  14. Mix Master


  1. Men's Hook Turn/Ladies' Under Arm Turn/Running Step
  2. Figure 8
  3. Dip (ending & in middle of song)
  4. Alternating Under Arm Turn
  5. Peekaboos
  6. Double Under Arm Turn Finish
  7. Mix Master
  8. Sweetheart Wrap
  9. Fall-Away/He Fans/She Fans/Elbow Catch finish
  10. Ronde
  11. Telemark/Pivot/UAT
  12. Scallop
  13. Combination: Left Turn with Ladies Inside Turn to Egg Beater to Syncopated Finish
  14. Advanced Around the World