Directions to the Wrainbow Ballroom

The Wrainbow Ballroom is above Stained Glass Designs in Downtown Bloomington and has a north entrance that faces the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts. The Wrainbow entrance is to the east of the Mulligan's beer garden, under the awning. The Wrainbow Ballroom is in a red-painted brick building.

**Please Note: It can be difficult to find, as Mapquest doesn't give an accurate location; Google Maps probably comes the closest.


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 From the West:

  1. Take IL Rt. 150/Rt. 9.
  2. Follow it after it becomes Market St. to the downtown area. Market St. will come to a "T" at East St (the Lucca Grill will be on your left, Clark & Barlow directly in front of you).
  3. Turn left onto East St. for 1/2 block.
  4. Turn left into the third 2nd driveway/herringbone parking lot after the Lucca Grill parking lot entrances. If you reach the stoplight at Locust/Main Sts., you've gone too far.

From the East:

  1. Take Empire St. west to the downtown area.
  2. Turn left on Center St. Follow Center St. about 3 blocks.
  3. At Locust St. (2nd stoplight), continue to follow Center St.--Do not go around the curve. Go straight for 1/2 block to W. Mulberry (Six Strings is on the corner).
  4. Turn left onto W. Mulberry, proceed to stop sign. Blue Line is on 1 corner, Stained Glass Designs is on another.
  5. Turn left onto N. Main St., where angle parking is available.

From the South:

  1. Take Main St./Bus. Rt. 55 north.
  2. As you approach the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts, the road will begin to curve to the left. As it curves (after the Lucca Grill parking lot), there will be a small herringbone parking lot on your left.
  3. Turn into the lot.

From the North:

  1. Take Center St. south, straight into the downtown area. Do not follow the curve to the right after the Locust St. stoplight.
  2. Go about 1/2 block to W. Mulberry St. (Six Strings is on the corner). Turn left onto Mulberry; proceed to the stop sign, N. Main St. (Blue Line will be on one corner, Stained Glass Designs will be on another.)
  3. Turn left onto N. Main St. and park in the available angle/herringbone parking.

If there is no parking available in either of the herringbone/angle parking lots, go through the stop light at Locust/Main Sts., where street parking is available near Holy Trinity Catholic Church.